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Over Here*
Summer Rain*
The Mistress*
Love of the Heart Devine.
A Hallowe'en Story
After Hours*
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Friday, July 02, 2004
Over Here

Prologue. Late Summer 1943 – Suffolk, England.


Katie opened the front door and froze.  A grim faced postman stood on the doorstep with an ominous looking telegram in his hand.  He silently handed it to her, and Katie shut the door before he had a chance to offer her his sympathy.


She had been expecting this, she had not heard from Stephen for many months, she had hoped it was just a delivery problem, but deep down inside, she knew.


With shaking hands she slit open the telegram and unfolded the paper.


“We regret to inform you of the death of your husband…” Tears blurred her vision as she tried to read the words. “…Killed in action…fighting for his country….” Katie dropped the telegram.  This just confirmed what she already knew.


Sinking down into the nearest chair, Katie shed silent tears.  They hadn’t been married a year, they had had a rushed wedding on his last leave.  Katie had made all the arrangements, Stephen had got home on the Thursday, they married on Friday and he had to leave again on Monday.  They had only had three days together as husband and wife. Barely enough time to even feel married.  Now she was a widow.


Grabbing her coat, Katie ran round to the hostel where her friend lived.  Colette took one look at Katie’s face and knew something was terribly wrong, and seeing the telegram in her hand, she understood without being told.  She put her arms around her and gave her a fierce hug.


“I’ll tell them at work that you won’t be in today, OK?”


Katie nodded.  Colette and Katie were Land Army girls.  They were doing the farm work that the men of the village had done, before they were called up to fight for their country. It was hard work, but the girls preferred this to going in the munitions factory.  


“I’m sorry, I’ve really got to run.  I dare not be late as well as you not working today, Mr Dixon-Smith will be furious.  I will call round tonight.”


“I think I’ll go and take Hamish for a walk,” Katie said, “It’ll give me a chance to think.”


Katie walked home, collected the lead and attached it to Hamish’s collar. 


“Come on, boy.”  She called as she let herself out the back door and they set off across the fields.  She unclipped the lead and Hamish ran off looking for rabbits.


Katie walked along lost in her thoughts.  Her Scottish terrier ran round the field making little yelping noises whenever he got the scent of a rabbit.  They made their way around the meadow and then headed back towards their home.


Katie whistled to the dog and he came running over to her.  Reattaching the lead they trudged back towards the village. 


As they walked along the main road through Yoxford, Katie had to stand back as a convoy of army trucks drove by, full of American troops.  They were on their way to the American Airbase at Leiston.


“Another batch of Yanks.”  She thought as Hamish barked at the noisy trucks.




In one of the last trucks, a tall dark and handsome airman, caught sight of the girl as she stood at the side of the road.  He had never seen anyone so beautiful.  A tiny thing, she could not have been 5ft tall, long blonde hair curled gently over her shoulders.  As his truck drew level, he tried to make eye contact, but she looked straight through him, with unseeing eyes. 



Katie was not as impressed with these men as a lot of the local girls were. They were causing quite a stir at the dances, which were held in the village hall.  Katie nearly smiled as she recalled what her father was apt to say about the Yanks.


“Over fed, over paid, over sexed and over here!” 


A lot of people were not too impressed with the presence of these men.  They said that the trouble with Americans was, that when they are good at something they say so.  When Americans said that they’d arrived from the training camp at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, the British response was likely to be; ‘That figures.’


But the local girls loved them.  They found them charming and generous and they loved to jitterbug with them at their dances.


As the last of the trucks disappeared around the corner, Katie made her way back to her home.



Kevin turned and sat back down with his fellow airmen. 


“I have got to find out who she is,” he said to his friend, Nick, who was sitting across from him.  “She looked so sad, I have got to find her and put a smile on that beautiful face.”


“Look out boys,” Nick grinned “Kev’s in love!” 



Dear old England’s not the same,

The dreaded invasion, well it came,

But no, it’s not the beastly Hun,

The goddamn Yankee army’s come…


Chapter One


Katie and Colette were walking home from the farm.  Their muscles ached from the hard physical work they had to do each day, but they had to admit, that they had both got beautifully toned since they had worked here.  Their slim figures looked good, even in their Land Army uniforms.


As they walked down the High Street a group of GI's wolf whistled at them.


"Hey beautiful!" they called.   Katie made a tut sound and turned away, whereas Colette gave them a friendly wave.


"Don't do that, you'll encourage them!" Katie said as she pulled Colette's arm back down to her side.


"Where's the harm?" Colette replied "We are both single."  She stopped suddenly when she realised what she had said.  "I'm sorry."


"It's OK" Katie smiled.   It had been a few months since the telegram had arrived.  "Stephen and I had so little time together, it is almost as if I dreamt it."


"Look, there is a dance at the Airbase on Saturday, do you fancy going?" Colette asked hopefully.  They hardly ever went out these days "They send a truck to pick us up from the village."


"I suppose it would make a change to go out," Katie conceded "and we have worked really hard this week…we deserve a treat."


"With the harvest approaching we should take our chance for some fun, once that starts we will be too tired for anything."


"Mr Dixon-Smith said he has requested some help form the Airbase, he has asked for some extra manpower, it could be fun?" she winked.


"If that is what you want to call it."  Katie raised her eyes; she couldn't see what all the fuss was about.  Most of the GI's she had met were far too brash, and full of themselves.


Colette was from Liverpool; she had joined the Women's Land Army last year.  She was now forewoman, in charge of sixty girls.  She had been taught to drive a Hillman Minx Van, and she would collect all the girls in the area and drive them to the farms by 7.00am each morning. 


She had met Katie soon after she arrived in the area and they had struck up a close bond.  Both girls were only 4ft 11in tall.  Their colouring was completely different. Katie was blonde with a golden skin and Colette was dark with pale skin and blue eyes.  They made a striking pair.


They came to Katie's house.


"See you at the pub in about an hour?"  Katie asked Colette.  "I could do with a drink after today."


"That's not like you!" Colette was surprised; Katie never wanted to go out.  "OK, I'll see you in an hour."


Katie went indoors and changed out of the corduroy breeches, beige shirt and dark green jumper, which was their uniform.  Filling a bowl with warm water she sat with her feet in it, trying to soak away the aches and pains from the boots they had to wear.


Having soaked her feet, she went and had a wash and changed into a dress, ready to meet her friend.  She grabbed a quick sandwich before walking down the road to the Red Lion where she found Colette waiting outside.


They made their way inside to the saloon bar, where they ordered a drink each, and sat down.


"Blimey, look."  Katie indicated with her eyes for Colette to look across the room.  Colette glanced over in the direction indicated, where she saw a man with the blackest skin she had ever seen.  The man saw her looking at him and he smiled revealing beautiful white teeth.


Colette smiled back.  They had never seen a black man in their lives before, and they were fascinated.


They sat chatting for some time until they noticed the black man approach their table.


"Good evening ladies, could I buy you a drink?"


He was very well spoken, and polite and the girls readily accepted.  He introduced himself and they chatted a while, before he took his leave, and left the pub.


Katie went off to the ladies room and Colette casually looked around the room, she felt she was getting a few odd looks but decided to take no notice.  Then she noticed that Katie, on her way back to the table, had been stopped by a GI and they were having a heated conversation.


"Who does he think he is?"  Katie was exasperated.  "He just had a right go at me for talking to that black bloke."


"What did he say?"  Colette asked.


"He reckons that blacks and whites don't mix and we should have nothing to do with them.  I told him I would talk to whomever I choose.  Come on Colette, I've had enough in here, let's go."


As they were leaving the pub, they heard a scuffle to one side.  Looking over they saw two GI's dust them selves down and walk away.  In the darkness of the blackout, it was a few moments before the girls saw the man lying on the ground.  They ran over to see if he was all right.  It was Ralph the one who had talked to them earlier.  His face was cut and he was clutching his stomach, he was winded.


"Are you alright?" Katie asked as she tried to help him sit up.


Ralph winced and tried to grin at her.


"Sure honey, I'll be OK."  He got to his feet and put one hand up to his cut eye.


Colette got her hanky out and dabbed at the blood on his face.  Ralph accepted it gratefully.


"Thanks, but you should go before you are seen with me, you don't want any trouble."


"It's not fair the way they treat you."  Demanded Katie.


Ralph sighed,  "It's just the way it is.  It is much easier, to just accept it.  Now please girls, go home."



Kevin and Nick were passing the pub and they saw Colette and Katie's conversation with Ralph.


Kevin stopped Nick, "It's her."  He gazed across the road at Katie.


"And she has a friend."  Grinned Nick.


The girls were walking towards them on their way home.


"Hi, girls." Nick called cheerfully.


Colette's eyes lit up.  "Hello yourself." She flirted.


"We are on our way home." Katie stated pointedly.


"Then maybe we can see you safely to your door."  Kevin fell in step beside Katie, as Nick joined Colette.


Colette was staying at the Hostel for the Women's Land Army and she indicated the direction she had to go, Nick took her arm and they set off up the road.


"See you tomorrow, Katie."  She threw over her shoulder as she walked off with Nick.


"Katie…" Kevin said.




"Just trying out your name, I'm Kevin."


Katie shook his hand formally "Pleased to meet you Kevin."  And they walked along the High Street.


"You know it really is not a good idea to associate with the Negroes around here."


"Oh really?"  Katie was getting irritated but Kevin didn't realise it.  "Why is that?"


"Blacks and whites don't mix, you know, you shouldn't have any dealings with them, for your own good…."


Katie turned on him.


"Is that at threat?"  She interrupted him.


"No…of course not." 


"Well for your information, Kevin, I will talk to whomever I please, whatever their colour, and not you," she prodded him in the chest, "or the whole American Air Force is going to stop me."


With that Katie stormed up her garden path to her house.  Opening the front door she gave him one last frosty glare before slamming the door.


"But Katie…" Kevin called after her. "Where did that come from?"  He asked himself, exasperated at her outburst.


He shook his head. She was strong willed, she was opinionated and she was stubborn.  It was not going to be easy to win her round, Kevin thought. 


He shifted uncomfortably in his trousers, as they suddenly felt too tight.


"Damn, but I want her…"



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Chapter Two

“Good morning Katie,” Colette called cheerfully as she walked into the cowshed.


  Katie looked up from the little stool that she was sitting on.


“Good morning Colette, did you see Nick again last night?”


“Oh yes….” She grinned  “and, he is taking me to the dance tonight.”


“Oh, I won’t bother going then,” Katie turned back to the cow she was milking. “I don’t want to play gooseberry.”


“Oh no, your not getting out of it that easily, we all get picked up in the village, and we are taken to the Air Base, so you are still coming with me.”


Colette washed the udder of the next cow and sat down and began milking her.


“Kevin will be there…” Colette said quietly.


“Kevin can go to hell.”


“Katie!  Don’t be like that, what has he ever done to deserve that?”


“Telling me who I am allowed to talk to for one.”


“Now you know he was just trying to avoid a difficult situation, we have to respect their way of doing things.”


“I don’t like the way they treat those men, they are no different to us, except the colour of their skin.”


“Well for your sake as well as for theirs, I think you should take Kevin’s advice and leave them alone.”


Katie got a naughty look on her face, “Maybe I should come to the dance…I’m sure some of those blokes could do with a dance partner...”


“Katie…I don’t think you should.”  Colette was worried about the trouble it would cause. You know Ralph got beaten up, just for talking to us.”


“Well, I am sure that if it worries them, then they won’t dance with me, but I can at least offer.”


Colette shook her head; she wasn’t so sure she wanted to go to this dance after all.



They met in the Village that evening, and they waited with the other girls, to be collected.


“Colette! You’re wearing nylons, where did you get them?”


“Nick gave them to me.” She ran one hand down her leg, and smiled.  “Aren’t they gorgeous?”


“You lucky thing.” Katie was jealous “I get so fed up with colouring my legs with tea.”


“Well perhaps if you were a bit nicer to Kevin, he would get you some?”


“I am not going to prostitute myself for nylons!”


Colette was offended


“Katie, I haven’t…”


Katie realised what she had said, and hugged her friend.


“I’m sorry, I wasn’t suggesting you had slept with him…I just meant...that I wasn’t going to…oh never mind here is our transport.”


The truck rolled noisily into the village square.  The girls all scrambled excitedly into the back.  Colette was careful not to ladder the new nylons.


“Perhaps I should have saved these for a special occasion?”


“No, you enjoy them. I’m sure they won’t be the last pair he gives you.” Katie winked, as they were all driven off to the Air Base.


The girls walked into the hall and looked around.  On one side was a table with food and drink spread out on it.  The girls all rushed over to look.  They had been rationed for so long, they couldn’t believe what they saw.  There were cakes and sandwiches and all sorts of fruit they hadn’t seen in a long while.  They gazed at it all with wide eyes.


“Eat up, ladies” Nick called to them as he came up and slipped an arm around Colette’s shoulders.


“Hi, honey,” He looked down into her eyes.


Colette stood on tiptoes and gave him a kiss. “Hello, Nick, thanks for the nylons.”


Nick looked down appreciatively at her slender legs.  “Any time, darlin’” He said, as he led her away from the other girls.


Katie’s eyes wandered over the table of food and she selected a slice of cake. It was pure heaven to eat cake again, how long was it since she had had some?  Oh yes…her Mum had managed to get a small cake for her wedding…  Damn why did she have to think of that.  Now she felt guilty being at the dance at all.


She looked around the room, and noticed a group of Negroes in the far corner away from everyone else, keeping themselves to themselves.  She didn’t agree with the situation but she decided it wasn’t her place to cause trouble.


“Hello.”  A deep sexy voice spoke in her ear.  A shiver ran down her spine, and she turned to find Kevin.


“Oh, it’s you.”  The sight of him dispelled the shiver immediately; he still irritated her with his attitude.


“Having fun?” he enquired.


“I have only just got here.” She stated the obvious.


“Then let me get you a drink.”  Kevin went and got her a glass of punch; she sniffed it tentatively.


“What is this?”  She tasted it, it was fruity but she knew there was alcohol in there.


“I’m not sure, they usually just make it up on the night, do you like it?  He took a sip of his own drink.


“Actually, it is nice.”  She conceded.  Kevin led her to a table and held her chair for her to sit down.  She wasn’t really sure if she wanted to stay with him, but since Colette was dancing with Nick, she didn’t really want to sit alone.


After another couple of glasses of punch, Katie began to relax a little.  Kevin noticed she was tapping her foot to the music.


“Would you like to dance?”  He asked her.


“I don’t know that dance, what is it?  It looks like fun.”


“It’s the Jitterbug, would you like me to teach you?”


“O.K.!” Katie stood up.  Kevin took her hand and led her to a quiet side of the hall and started to show her the steps.  He was a good teacher and she soon picked it up.  They moved further into the centre of the room and started to dance in time with the music.


Katie had had enough to drink to make her confident, but not enough to make her unsteady on her feet.  Kevin spun her around and caught her hand; Katie twirled and danced until she was breathless.


“I must have a rest.” She gasped after several dances; they walked back to their table.  Katie flopped down in her chair as Kevin went to get another drink.


“No more punch thank you.” Katie called after him.


Kevin returned and placed a very dark coloured drink in front of her. 


“What is this?” Katie took a sip, she could taste that it wasn’t alcoholic, but she had never tasted anything like this before.


“It’s Coke.”  Kevin replied.


“It’s made from coal?”  Katie put the glass down, incredulous.


Kevin laughed, “No, it is Coca Cola, haven’t you tried it before?”


“No, but I like it.”  Katie smiled at him, as she took another sip.


“You are a good dancer.” Kevin told her.


“Well, I have a good teacher.”  She was a little tipsy from the punch.


Kevin liked her like this, she was much more friendly now.


Nick and Colette joined them for a while and they were chatting together.  They talked about some of the English expressions that the men were unfamiliar with.


They laughed at a lot of misunderstandings.  Kevin had been shocked recently when he and a group of men were returning to the base after a run, and a middle-aged woman had yelled at them to “keep your pecker up!”


Colette and Katie laughed “What’s wrong with that?” they asked in unison.


“Well it’s a bit personal…” Kevin began.


“She was telling you to keep cheerful.” Colette explained, “What did you think she meant?”


Kevin explained what it meant in the States and Katie’s cheeks suffused with colour.


“Oh blimey, I don’t think I will be using that expression again.” She giggled.


Just then, there was a commotion on the other side of the hall.  They all looked to where there was a fight.  A couple of Negroes had been brave enough to ask some girls to dance, and now they were facing the consequences.


Katie stood up.  Kevin took hold of her hand, stopping her.


“What are you doing?”  He asked.


“I am going to go over and dance with one of those blokes. We can’t be told who we can and can’t dance with.”


“You can’t do that.” Kevin spoke deceptively calmly, considering how irritated he was.  “They should stick to their own kind.”


“But there are no girls of their own kind here so why shouldn’t we dance with them.”  She seemed determined to go over.


“Katie,” Colette said quietly “Don’t be silly, poor Ralph got beaten up just for talking to us, don’t cause any more trouble, please.”


Katie sat down reluctantly.


“I just don’t see what difference it makes.”


A senior officer arrived and asked the Negroes all to leave, which they did, grudgingly.


“That is so unfair,” Katie said through gritted teeth, “They have just as much right to be here, why should they leave?”


“I don’t think you understand, we don’t mix with them.  They are already arranging for them to go to a separate pub from the rest of us.” Kevin tried to explain.


“This is ridiculous” Katie turned to Colette.  “I have had enough, I am going home, are you coming?”


Colette looked at Nick.  “I don’t think so Katie, not yet.”  At her answer Nick grinned and slipped his arm around her.


Katie got up to leave.


“I’ll walk you home.”  Kevin said as he too, got up.  Katie was sensible enough to know not to turn down an escort home.


“OK, we can take a short cut over the field.”


Outside the moon was nearly full, which was just as well because there were no lights due to the blackout.  They stumbled their way around the edge of the field.


“We will be harvesting this field soon.” Explained Katie, trying to make conversation.  “That can be really hard work, the boss hopes that we will have some help from the Airbase this year.”


“It must be difficult for a little thing like you to do this type of work, why do it?”


“It was either this or the munitions factory, and I didn’t want to be stuck in a factory.  It was hard work to start with, but I am getting used to it now.  I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been.”


“I can see that…” Kevin’s eyes wandered over Katie’s slender figure.


Katie tried to ignore the comment; she stumbled in the dark and Kevin caught hold of her hand, and as they continued, he didn’t let go.


They emerged from the field and made their way down the High Street to her house.


“Do you live with your parents?” he asked.


“No, this was my husbands house.”


“Your husband?”


“Yes, he inherited the house when his mother died, and I moved in here when we married last year.”


“So he is fighting at the front?”  Kevin’s heart was sinking fast.


“My husband was killed in action a few months ago.” Katie explained, “I am a widow.”


Kevin tried not to look pleased.  “I am sorry to hear that, were you married long?”


“We were married less than a year.  He had to go back only three days after our wedding, I never saw him again.  Well here we are, thank you for seeing me home, can you find you way back OK?”


“Sure honey, I’ll be fine.  I have had a great time Katie.”  He stepped forward as if to take her into his arms.


Katie stepped back and extended her right hand towards him.


“Thank you for teaching me to Jitterbug.” She said politely.


Kevin took her hand, and instead of shaking it he pressed it to his lips.


“It was my pleasure darlin’.”  He said in that southern drawl of his.  “Maybe we can go dancing again?”


Katie smiled, and blushed; she let herself into her house.  Leaning back against the closed front door, she listened to his footsteps as he walked away.








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Chapter Three

It was a busy week on the farm; the girls were working really long hours.  Harvest was approaching and there was a lot to do.


Sometimes when Katie got home at night she was so tired, she cried.  She would let her Scottie dog, Hamish, free in the field out the back for a good run, and then call him in for dinner.


Katie and Colette didn’t even have the energy to go down the pub for a drink.  Instead they would spend a quiet evening at Katie’s house.


Colette was restless, she hadn’t seen Nick lately and she was missing him.


“Oh Katie, he is so handsome, don’t you think?” She gushed.


Katie raised her eyes, “You’ve got it bad eh?” She laughed as Colette made a face at her.


“I got in terrible trouble at the Hostel on Saturday.” Colette began, “They had already locked up when I got back.  I had to wake my landlady, luckily she let me in, but she told me next time I won’t be so lucky.”


“What would you do if you were locked out then?”


“I’d come here of course!”  Colette laughed.  Katie thought for a few moments.


“Why don’t you come and move in here anyway?  I’m fed up of living on my own…what do you say?”


“Oh Katie, really?  I would love that, when can I move in?”


“Well it’s our afternoon off tomorrow, I’ll help you move your stuff in then.”  Colette hugged her friend.


“Thanks Katie, it is going to be so much fun.  I can’t wait to tell my landlady what she can do with her dumbfounded rules.”




The next afternoon, straight from work, they went to the hostel and collected Colette’s things.  She didn’t have a lot of belongings, just one suitcase her records and her precious gramophone.


Katie carried the suitcase and records, and Colette carried the gramophone.


The landlady shook her head as she watched them walk down the road.


“I dread to think what shenanigans those two will be getting up to in that house.” She said to herself, as she went back inside the hostel.


The gramophone wasn’t especially heavy, but it was ungainly, and she was beginning to struggle with it when a jeep pulled up beside them.


“Need a lift ladies?”


Colette nearly dropped the gramophone.  “Nick!”


Nick took the gramophone from her and put it on the back seat of the jeep.  He grabbed Colette around the waist and swung her round.


“Have you missed me, honey?”


“Where have you been?  I haven’t heard from you in days, I was beginning to get worried.


“We have been real busy, where are you going with this?”


“I’m moving in with Katie, you nearly got me locked out of the hostel last Saturday!”


“Well let me help you then, jump in girls I’ll drive you.”


Katie and Colette climbed into the jeep and Nick drove them to the house.  Katie offered him a cup of tea for his trouble, which he readily accepted. 


Katie was wondering where Kevin was, but she wasn’t about to ask, she didn’t want him to think she was worried about him.


Luckily, Colette had no worries on that score.


“Where is Kevin then?”


“Oh, he is flying today.”


“Really, where?”


“I’m afraid I can’t tell you, “careless talk” and all that.”


“Is it dangerous?” Katie asked quietly.


“You don’t want to worry about Kevin, he is one of our best pilots.”  Nick tried to reassure her.  He tried to sound cheerful, but they had lost several planes recently. They didn’t know if the crews were dead, captured or on the run. “Thanks for the tea, but I must be getting back to the base, before they miss me.”


Colette saw him to the door, and kissed him goodbye.


“Will I see you again soon?” She asked him as he turned to leave.


He squeezed her hand, “There is another dance on Saturday, I’ll see you then.”

Katie looked up as Colette walked back into the room.


“He is doing a dangerous job Colette, don’t get too attached to him, you could get hurt.”


“Oh, I didn’t think catering was very dangerous!” She laughed. “Nick is a cook at the base,” She explained, “and as for being too attached, I think it’s too late for that Katie, I think I love him!”


More fool you then, I’ve already lost one man to this war, I am not going to get involved with anyone until it is all over.”


“You mean because Kevin is a pilot? Come on Katie, better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, or so they say.”


“I have already loved and lost, Colette, I don’t think I could go through it again.”


“But you are coming to the dance on Saturday aren’t you?”


“Of course I am, Kevin is a good dancer, and I am not stupid!” They laughed together.  “Anyway, I can still enjoy his company.  I just won’t be getting involved with him.  Just good friends.”


Colette gave her a knowing look, which Katie chose to ignore.  Then they gathered up Colette’s belongings and took them up to her new room.



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Chapter Four

They arrived at the farm bright and early. Today they were to harvest the top field, but first the cows had to be milked.  Katie enjoyed this; it was peaceful, sometimes she would sing to the cows as she milked them.  Once as she did this, the cow looked around at her and licked her arm.  Her tongue was warm and rough.


Having been milked, the cows were taken out to the meadow to graze.  The sun was just starting to warm the air, it looked like it was going to be a hot day.


Katie reported to Mr Dickson-Smith to see what her duties were to be today.  He told her which group she would be working with and she was happy that she would be with Colette. 


As they finished talking, a jeep arrived full of GI’s who had come to help with the heavier work.  Katie heard a happy shriek and saw Colette appear and run over to the jeep to say hello to Nick.


Katie scanned the other faces, no Kevin.  She couldn’t understand why her heart sank.


The farmer handed out tools to the men, and having seen Colette’s behaviour he made sure that Nick was as far away from Colette as possible, otherwise no work would get done!


It was going to be a long day; they wouldn’t stop until the field was finished even if it meant working into the night.


They set off to the field.  The work was hard, and as the sun rose in the sky, it got much hotter.


By lunchtime, everyone was hot and sticky; their clothes were sticking to their bodies.  Katie felt distinctly grubby and sweaty.  As she sat down with her lunch, she noticed Nick and Colette go off for a walk together, and she smiled.


Nick and Colette wandered into the next field and found a nice comfortable spot.

They sat down together in the meadow and Nick took her into his arms.  They gazed into each other’s blue eyes and Nick leaned forward and kissed her.


“Oh, Nick.” Colette murmured as her hand slid into his hair.  Their kiss intensified as they lay back in the sunshine.  Nick’s hands travelled down Colette’s back and she shivered delightfully.


His tongue slid into her mouth and her own, met his.  As Nick’s hand covered one breast Colette moaned gently, he made her feel so good.  Nick’s mouth continued to devour hers and his hand dropped to the button at her waistband.


“Uh mm… no, sorry Nick” her hand lay over his stopping him from undoing the button.


“What?” Nick was woozy with desire…


“I’m a good girl Nick… I don’t want to get into trouble.”


Nick couldn’t help himself; he nuzzled into her neck, driving her crazy,


“Oh baby, I know you’ll be good…”


“Nick, No!”  Colette pushed him away firmly and sat up.


Nick fell back, his head was clearing, and the message had finally got through.


“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to….”


Colette turned and looked at him lying there.  It was so tempting to give into her desires, he was gorgeous and she loved him, but she wasn’t prepared to risk getting pregnant.


Her eyes roamed down his body one last time and her eyes widened as she saw the enormous bulge in his trousers.  Her face blanched, she swallowed hard and looked away.  “My god, he is huge,” she thought to herself.


Nick giggled at her reaction, he was used to it.


“Don’t worry baby, I’ll be very gentle…when the time comes.”


Colette blushed furiously; she got up and dusted herself down.


“Come on you, I need my lunch before we go back to work.”  She set off back to the others.


Nick took a few moments to calm himself down, before following her.  They walked back and had their lunch with Katie.


Katie leaned forward and picked a piece of straw from Colette’s hair.


“Where have you been, and more to the point, what have you been doing?”  She laughed at her friend’s discomfort.


“Absolutely nothing.” Colette said emphatically, “and” she added in a whisper “if what I just saw is anything to go by, that is the way it is going to stay!”


Katie gave her a quizzical look.  But Colette was looking over Katie’s shoulder.


“Well…look who it is.”


Katie turned and saw Kevin walking up the field with another group of ‘volunteers’, her heart missed a beat, and she was very aware of what a mess she looked.  Her hair was scraped back into a ponytail, and her shirt was grubby and sticking to her body.  She was completely unaware of what the clinging shirt was doing to him.


Kevin was allocated to work along side Katie, much to his delight.


The afternoon passed swiftly as the workforce moved across the field, harvesting the crop and loading it onto the carts. 


As the light began to fade, the farmer’s wife brought hot chocolate and scones that she had made herself. Grateful for a rest, they ate their supper and then continued on, working into the night.


There was a beautiful harvest moon that night, which helped light their way.  Kevin and Katie finished loading the last cart; the boss asked if they wanted to ride back on the cart, and they readily agreed, they were exhausted. 


It had been a long hot day and the night was warm.  They lay back on the corn and relaxed.  All they could see were the stars above them, and the moon, shining down.


The gentle jogging of the cart rocked Katie to sleep, Kevin propped himself on one elbow and watched her as she slept.  A gentle breeze stirred the curls that had escaped her ponytail and hung round her face.


Kevin lay there contentedly, thanking God for bringing him to this place, and this beautiful woman.


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Chapter Five

“Hey baby, wake up.”  Kevin gently stroked Katie’s face.  She looked up into his eyes wondering where she was.  Sitting up, she remembered, as her aching muscles complained.


Kevin helped her down from the wagon, and it carried on towards the farmhouse.  She found she was outside her own house.  Nick and Colette were by the front door, kissing goodnight.  Kevin stepped forward and tilted her face up to his.  He searched her eyes for permission to kiss her.  Katie, still sleepy and content from the ride home, didn’t back away.  He brought his mouth down to hers, his lips were soft and gentle and she couldn’t help but respond to him.  With a gentle moan, he gathered her into his arms.


“Will you be at the dance tomorrow?” He asked her, as her head snuggled against his chest.


“Yes.” She replied dreamily.


“Good, then I will look forward to it.  Goodnight Katie.”  With one last kiss Kevin called to Nick, and they set off back to the Air base.


Katie opened the front door of her house, and she and Colette went inside.


“Could we have a little talk before we go to bed please?” Colette asked.


“Of course. We don’t have to get up for work tomorrow. What is it?”


Colette’s face was slightly flushed.


“You know lunchtime, Nick and I…well, he wanted to…you know.”


“Yes.”  Katie prompted gently.


“Well I stopped him, because I don’t want to get into trouble, and he was o.k. about it…but he was very aroused and…Katie…he seemed so big…I’ve never…you know…before and I’m scared, what if he is too big?”


“I’m afraid I am not sure I can be much help here, all I know is that as long as you are ready for him, then it shouldn’t be a problem.”


“But what about you and Stephen?”


Katie looked uncomfortable.


“We never actually…”


“What?  What about your wedding night?”


“It was a disaster.  I always wanted to wait until my wedding night to make love for the first time.”  Katie began to explain.  “Not only that, but I must admit, I was worried about it.  It was easier for me to tell Stephen that I was saving myself until then.  The problem was, this put a lot of pressure on us on the night, especially as we knew he would be going back any day.  It was as if we had to do it right then.  He was apprehensive, wanting to make my first time special, but I was just plain scared.  All my muscles tensed up, and when he tried to enter me…well he couldn’t, it hurt like hell, Colette…it was awful.”


“That must have been terrible, what did he say?”


“We had a terrible row, he said I must be frigid, he didn’t come near me again before he had to leave.  He did write to me and apologise, he had spoken to the army doctor, who had explained that this could happen, a muscle spasm or something, because I was so nervous.  He wanted me to go and see my own doctor but I was too shy.  Now it doesn’t matter anymore.  I’m sorry, I haven’t been much help with your problem.”


“Don’t be silly, that doesn’t matter, I am just going to have to stay a good girl!”  She put her hand on Katie’s shoulder.  “Are you O.K. love?”


“Yes, I’ll be fine, but I think I need to get to bed. Goodnight Colette.”


“Goodnight Katie, see you in the morning.”





Hamish, scratching on her bedroom door, woke Katie.  She looked at the clock, 10 o’clock!  She hadn’t slept this late in ages.  The poor dog must be desperate to go out.


Quickly getting dressed, she took Hamish across the fields for a walk.


On her return she made some breakfast for herself and Colette.  Putting her head round the door of Colette’s room she asked her.


“Would you like a cuppa?”


“Oh, yes please, I’d love a cup of tea.”


Colette got dressed and came downstairs.  Then they sat at the table together, drinking.


“You seem to be getting on better with Kevin.”  Colette observed.


“He is a very nice man, good dancer, good company, but that is as far as it goes.”


“He did kiss you last night…”


“Yes I know, and it was nice.” She smiled at Colette, “There really is no point me getting involved with him, and he is not going to be around here for long anyway.  Sooner or later they will be moved on.  I will just enjoy his company while he is here.”


Colette gave her sceptical look.


“Who are you trying to fool?”




The girls spent the day leisurely, resting after the backbreaking work of the previous day.


They got Colette’s room round to her satisfaction, listened to some music on her gramophone, and later did each other’s hair ready for the dance.


At 8.00 they were ready and waiting in the village square, waiting for their transport.


Nick was driving, when the truck arrived, so Colette and Katie squeezed in the front seat with him.  Then they drove off up the road, towards the air base.


The girls all chatted excitedly as they entered the hall.  There was the usual spread of food, for some, this was more of a draw than the men or the dancing.  Katie noticed there were no Negroes there. 


Kevin appeared at her side.


“Is this a whites only dance now, Kevin?” She asked him.


Kevin chose to ignore the remark, she would never understand and he didn’t want to argue with her.  He took her hand and walked her over to get a drink.  She asked for Coke, she was getting quite a taste for it.  Kevin hoped he could get some punch down her at some point in the evening; he liked her better when she was loosened up a bit!


They spent the evening dancing together, Katie was picking up some of the more complicated steps now, and they made a stunning couple on the dance floor.  Then the music slowed for a foxtrot, and Kevin took her in his arms, he slowly guided her around the room, and her head rested against his chest.  She felt so comfortable in his arms.


Meanwhile, Nick had taken Colette outside in the moonlight.  They were kissing and holding each other in the cool evening air.  Nick wanted her very much but was afraid of another refusal.  He had never felt like this about any girl before.


Drawing away from her, he looked into her eyes. Colette gave him one of her dazzling smiles.


“Oh baby, you are so beautiful.” He told her earnestly, “I think I’ve fallen in love with you.”


Colette’s eyes widened in surprise and happiness.


“Oh Nick, I love you too.”  Standing on tiptoes she took hold of his face and kissed him on the mouth, their tongues entwined and Nick moaned.


“Oh baby, I want you so bad…”


“Nick…I’m scared…”


“What are you scared of honey?”


“Nick I’ve never…and I don’t want to get into trouble…”


“Darlin’ you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, ok?”


“I know that Nick, but part of me wants to…”


She looked at him shyly, he was aroused by the longing he saw in her eyes.”


“You don’t have to worry about getting into trouble, whenever you are ready… The Air Force supply us with rubbers.”


Colette didn’t like to show her ignorance, but she didn’t understand what he meant when he said that.  Deciding to stay quiet rather than look stupid, she suggested they return to the dance.


It was nearing the end of the evening. The music was slow and they fell into step.  Colette saw Katie snuggled in Kevin’s arms and she smiled at her friend.


The last notes of the music faded, and it was time to go home.  The four of them left the Air Base together and took the short cut across the field.


Kevin once again took Katie’s hand, as the ground was uneven and there was little light from the moon tonight.  Katie liked the feel of her hand in his.  She found him very attractive, but she was determined not to fall for him. She had seen too many others have their hearts broken by these men, and she couldn’t face it again herself.


At her front door, Kevin bent down and kissed her very gently.  She looked into his eyes; they were the most incredible shade of green she had ever seen.


“I won’t be able to see you for a while.” He told her seriously.  “I can’t say too much, but I have to fly out of here.  I’ll contact you when I get back, ok?”


“Ok, “ Katie was very aware of the serious tone of his voice.  “Is it dangerous?”


“It could be, but hey, I’m a good pilot!  Trust me, I’ll be back, and when I am, you will be the first to know.”  He kissed her again, this time with more urgency. 


He believed he would be back, but he was very aware of the crews they had lost recently.


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Chapter Six

During the week, Katie was kept very busy at the farm.  There was a lot to do at this time of year, and a lot of it was back breaking work.  The Airbase could rarely help out with manpower now. There were lots of planes flying out and back. Katie watched them go, wondering which one Kevin was flying. 


Nick continued to call for Colette.  They would take long walks in the countryside, they often took Hamish with them, and he loved to chase rabbits, but never managed to catch one.


Nick and Colette would talk for hours, Nick told her all about his family back home and Colette recalled her life in Liverpool.


Nick didn’t try to push Colette into a physical relationship, instead waiting until she was ready.  She was grateful for that, but they were both very aware of their desire for each other.


Nick had casually told her that he had some rubbers so there was no need to worry.  She did worry though, she didn’t know what he was talking about, and she felt a bit silly.  So she decided to see if Katie could throw any light on the subject.


Katie was in the dark too.


“You don’t suppose it is one of those language barrier problems again do you?” Katie asked.  “You know we call it the loo they call it the john, tap and faucet etc?”


“Maybe…but how can we find out, I don’t want to look an idiot”


Katie was thoughtful. “When are you seeing Nick again?”


“He is coming round tonight, why?”


“When he comes round, you can be writing a letter to your Mum. You can ask him to pass you the rubber, because you have made a mistake, and we will see what he passes you.  That way we can sort out this confusion.  What do you think?”


“Anything is better than this uncertainty.”


That evening when Nick arrived he found her at the table writing a letter.


“Hi, honey,” Nick kissed her cheek. “What are you doing?  Oh, you are writing to your Mom, give her my best wishes.”


“I will,” Glancing at Katie, Colette said, “Oh, pass me the rubber Nick, I made a mistake.”


“Pardon?”  Nick looked incredulous.


“Can you pass me a rubber please?”


“Umm…a rubber…?” Nick couldn’t understand the connection, and he was beginning to wonder what to do for the best.  In the end he decided to throw caution to the wind, and took a small packet out of his pocket and dropped it on the table.


Colette’s eyes fell on the little square packet, her face flushed scarlet and she looked up at Katie.  Katie saw what was on the table and put her hand over her mouth, to cover her laughter.


“I think perhaps we might be talking at crossed purposes here.”  Colette struggled to say through her embarrassment.  “I meant the rubber, over there on the sideboard.”


Nick looked over to where she was pointing.


“You mean the eraser?”  He said picking it up, and handing it to her.


“Um…yes.  You call it an eraser?”




“I see, well we call it a rubber.”


Nick grinned, picking up the contraceptive, he asked.


“So what do you call this then?”  He laughed as Colette’s face went even redder.


“We call them French letters.”  Katie replied, she had never seen Colette look so uncomfortable, and she couldn’t help but laugh.


Nick put the contraceptive back in his pocket.


“So that is why you looked so confused when I told you the Air Force supplies us with rubbers.”  He whispered in her ear.


“Nick, shush.” Colette hissed at him.


“Don’t mind me,” Katie said as she got up and went into the kitchen.


Colette didn’t know what to say or do.  She was so embarrassed.  Nick could see how uncomfortable she was, and tried to deflect the situation.


“At least you know that is one less thing you have to worry about.” At her questioning look he answered, “getting ‘into trouble’.”  He sat down and pulled her onto his lap.  Putting her arms round his neck she kissed him, and then buried her red face against his shoulder.


“So you are planning to have your wicked way with me, are you?”  She said, as she sat back, her eyes wide and innocent looking.


“Only if you want me to…” He began kissing her persuasively and she melted in his arms.  “Can we go to your room?”  He whispered huskily between kisses.


“Nick…I’m nervous.”


“It’s ok baby. I’ll stop anytime you want me to.”


Colette could see Katie busy in the kitchen.  She put her head round the door.


“Umm…we are going to listen to some music in my room for a while.”


Katie smiled, “Ok lovey…”


Colette took Nick up to her room and she put a Glen Miller record on the gramophone.  Turning to Nick she smiled apprehensively.


“Come here, baby.”  He beckoned her with a smile.  Butterflies were doing summersaults in her stomach as Colette walked over to him.


Very gently he bent and kissed her.


“Darlin’, just because we are in your room, does not mean that we have to do this.  Let’s just relax and enjoy each others company and see where it goes, ok?”


Colette relaxed a little and began to enjoy his kisses.  He held her face in his hands as his mouth explored hers.  His hands dropped to her shoulders and he pulled her to him.  He was so tall next to her that she felt all safe and protected in his arms. 


Her hands began to explore his chest, running over his hard muscles.  Nick took deep breaths, he had to stay in control for fear of frightening her, but her little hands on his body felt so good.


Slowly he unbuttoned her blouse, glancing at her to make sure she was ok with what he was doing.  She sighed as his lips followed his fingers.  Slipping her blouse off her shoulders, he nuzzled into her neck, Colette clung to him; he was making her feel so good. 


Feeling brave she undid Nicks shirt, running her nails through the little golden hairs on his chest.  She pushed his shirt off and it fell to the floor.  Tentatively she kissed a nipple, feeling it grow hard under her lips, and she began to realise the power she could have over him as she moved across to the other.


Unclipping her bra, Nick bent down and began to lick and suck her nipples, Colette gasped at the sensations he was giving her, her knees buckled and she sat down on the edge of the bed.  Nick gently pushed her back against the pillows and started to kiss his way down her body.  He slid one hand up her thigh under her skirt; and getting no resistance, he undid her skirt and slipped it off.  He sat back drinking in her beauty as she lay there wearing just her panties.


He stood and removed his own clothes, she watched him apprehensively, her eyes raked down his body and her eyes widened in alarm at the sight of his erection.  Quickly lying down beside her he whispered in her ear.


“It’s ok baby, don’t worry.”


“But Nick…” Taking her hand in his he placed it on himself, her fingers curled around him.  “It’s so big I don’t think….”


“There is nothing to worry about, I will wait until you are ready.  He trailed kisses across her stomach, and gently removing her panties, he began to stroke her gently.


Feeling the delightful sensations he was giving her, she began to stroke his manhood, hoping to make him feel as good as he was making her feel.


Nick dipped a finger inside her and spread her moisture over her clit.  He heard her gasp as he did so.  Gently stroking her, he listened to her moans of delight.


“Oh Nick… this feels so good, I had no idea…it could be like this…oh…please…make love to me.”


“Not yet baby, I need to be sure you are ready.”  He kissed his way down her body, lying between her legs he gently pushed her thighs apart and looked at her glistening folds.  He watched his fingers stroke her there and then he leaned forward and circled her clit with his tongue.


“Oh… God!” Colette gasped, she couldn’t believe he was doing this to her. But she also couldn’t believe how it made her feel. Slowly licking her clit, he pushed a finger into her, moving gently inside her, he added another finger.  He knew his size could sometimes be a problem and he didn’t want to hurt her. Slipping another finger inside her, he gently moved them in and out until she got used to it.  He could feel the tension in her legs, as he continued to lick her clitoris, and then she cried out as she experienced her first orgasm.  He looked up at her face, her cheeks were flushed, and her mouth was open in astonishment as she lay there gasping.


He reached into his jacket pocket, removing the little packet, he ripped it open with his teeth, rolling the contraceptive down his length, he then crawled up her body and positioned himself over her.  He took his weight on his arms and looked into her eyes.


She could feel him at her entrance, and she was momentarily scared.


“Are you sure you want this, baby?” he whispered in her ear.


“Oh…yes…” She breathed back to him.


Slowly and gently he pushed himself into her warm and welcoming body.


Colette could feel him filling her, stretching her.  All fears that he was too big disappeared, as he began moving inside her.  She couldn’t believe how good he felt, and she slid her hands down to his buttocks and squeezed him closer.


Nick looked into her eyes; he needed to know he was not hurting her.  The glazed look on her face was proof enough and he dipped his head and kissed her lips.  She moaned into his mouth as she enjoyed the sweet intrusion of his body in hers.


An exquisite tingling began at her centre, every muscle in her body began to tense, Nick was getting close too, and he began to move harder and faster, she felt so good that he didn’t think he could last very much longer.  Just then Colette cried out as her orgasm washed over her, tingling down to her fingers and toes and causing her eyes to squeeze shut.


Her tremors inside were enough to sent Nick over the edge, thrusting deeply he spilled his seed into her.






Katie was leaving the house with her dog and she heard the passionate cries from the window above.  Smiling to herself she set off across the fields.   She walked up to the perimeter fence of the Air Base, and watched some of the planes land.


As the last plane landed she could see the crew rush up to their commanding officer, they were all talking at once, and snatches of their conversation drifted over in the breeze.


“…. Hit…. went down…bailed out…missing…”


Katie recognised one of the men, Alex saw her standing by the fence.  As he walked towards her she could see the solemn expression on his face.  She tilted her head in bewilderment, why was he looking at her like that?


He began to tell her what had happened, the words washed over her as she stood in a daze trying to take in the information.


Kevin’s plane had been shot down. Kevin was missing.



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Chapter Seven

Kevin fell to his feet and immediately rolled onto his side.  Leaping up again he quickly gathered up his parachute and ran into the shelter of a nearby forest.  He looked around him to see if he could find any other members of his crew.


Hearing a moan nearby, he followed the sound and found Bob.  Bob was the navigator; he was also a Negro.  Kevin dropped down on one knee beside him.


“Where does it hurt?” Kevin asked.


“It’s my leg, I think it is broken.” He winced from the pain as he spoke.


Kevin took a look at the leg; it was very red and swollen.


“Yes, I think your right, can you wait here a minute, I need to look around for the others.”


“I only saw two parachutes other than ours, I don’t think anyone else got a chance to get out.” Bob explained.


Kevin first went to the edge of the forest and looked out at the surrounding fields.  He could see nothing, so he scouted around amongst the trees.  For a long while he could see nothing.  Then something made him look up.


“Oh, no!” he said to himself as he tried climbing up one of the trees.  Two of his crewmembers were caught up in the trees by their parachutes.  As he got to the first one, he could see his neck was at an unnatural angle.  It was broken.  Kevin climbed back down and went over to the other man.  He had an horrific head wound and was obviously, also dead.  Kevin took one of the dog tags that were around their necks, when he got back to Base he would hand them in so that their families could be informed of their deaths.


Kevin ran back to Bob.  At Bobs enquiring expression, Kevin shook his head.


“They didn’t make it.”


“We need to bury them,” Bob said “But I don’t know if I will be much help to you.” He looked down at his leg.


At that moment, they became aware of the sound of vehicles in the distance.


“Much as I hate to leave them here, I think we need to get away as soon as possible, otherwise we will be caught.  Can you get up?”


“I’m going to have to try, will you give me a hand please?”


Kevin helped him to his feet, and supporting him under his arms, they made their way in the opposite direction from the sound of approaching vehicles.  They kept within the trees.  Bob was in a great deal of pain, but he knew he had to keep going or they would be caught.  Kevin was quietly impressed with the black man’s courage.  They kept going until they could no longer hear the vehicles. After what seemed like an eternity, they came to a clearing and could see the outbuildings of a farm. 


They made their way towards the farm.  It was very quiet, except for the animals.  Kevin helped Bob into a barn and set him down behind a bale of straw.


“I need to see if anyone is here.”  He explained. “Then we have to decided what to do next.”


Bob nodded, despite his dark skin he looked pale, he was in a lot of pain.


Kevin slowly and quietly made his way across the farmyard.  He heard a gentle voice singing.  Looking into the cowshed, he saw a woman milking a cow.  Her back was to him, so she was not aware of his presence, although the cow looked round at him.


He quietly walked away from the cowshed and looked into the other outbuildings. But he could not find anyone else.  He had to assume she was here alone.


Going back to Bob, he explained his findings.


“Now, do we ask her for help and risk being handed in, or what?”


“Kevin, I really cannot go on any longer, the pain is too bad.  If you think the risk is too great, then I think you should go on without me, and I will take my chances here.”


“No.”  Kevin was adamant. “We stand a much better chance if we stay together.  Anyway she is just a woman alone.  If necessary, I could easily over power her.” 


Kevin didn’t feel too comfortable about getting rough with the woman, but if it was necessary…


“I will go and speak to her, maybe she will be able to help.”


Kevin looked out of the barn in time to see the woman enter her house.  Taking a deep breath, Kevin walked up to the door and knocked on it.


The woman anxiously looked around the door as she opened it.


“Oui?”  She looked him up and down and checked over his shoulder to see if he was alone.  Seeing that he was indeed alone she seemed a little more comfortable.


“Umm…parlez vous Anglaise, s’il vous plais?”  He asked tentatively.


“Yes…you are American?”


Kevin was relieved she at least spoke English.


“Yes, American, our plane crashed, we parachuted out but my friend has broken his leg.”


“Where is your friend?” She once again looked over his shoulder.


“He is in the barn, can you help?”


The woman set off towards the barn, stepping inside, she looked around her.  Kevin pointed out where Bob was lying.  She walked over to Bob and took a look at his leg.  Shaking her head, she asked.


“Can you help him into the house?  I need to call the doctor.”


Kevin helped Bob to the house.  When they got to there, they could already hear the woman speaking on the phone.  Kevin could not understand a word she was saying, and he was worried that she could be reporting them to the occupying forces.


“The Doctor will be here as soon as he can. Now then, while we wait for him, would you like something to eat?”


Kevin and Bob both agreed that food would be very welcome.


“I am Kevin and this is Bob, and you are?”


“My name is Annette, now Kevin if you wouldn’t mind going out to the chickens and fetch some eggs, I will cook them for you.”




Meanwhile, back in Suffolk, Katie threw herself into her work.  Keeping busy, kept her mind from worrying about Kevin.  There had been no new information and the uncertainty was killing her.  Reluctantly she realised she was more concerned about Kevin than she had expected, or wanted to be.


Every night she walked Hamish up to the perimeter fence of the Airbase.  Sometimes she would see someone she recognised and they would come over to talk.  They were sympathetic, but they had nothing new to tell her.  There was simply no news.


“No news is good news.” Colette would tell her.


This was little comfort to Katie.  Although Kevin had been seen to parachute out of his stricken plane, he had been over occupied France at the time; he was still in grave danger.


Tears ran down Katie’s face once again. 


She hoped that he would be able to make contact with the Resistance who could help him get back to England. Back to her…

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Chapter Eight

Kevin and Bob were eating their eggs when Annette ran into the kitchen.


“Quick, upstairs, there are German soldiers coming.”


Kevin jumped up and helped Bob up the stairs.  Following Annette along the corridor, she led them into an attic room, at the back of which she revealed a false wall.  She ushered them inside and closed it behind them.


Annette ran down stairs and quickly cleared away all evidence of the meal.  Just as she was finished, there was a loud banging on the door.


Taking a deep breath, she opened the door.  Five German soldiers stood at the door.  In broken French the officer told her that a plane had come down nearby and there were possible ‘enemy’ soldiers in the area.


Annette told them, that she had seen no one.


“Then you won’t mind if we look around.”  The officer said, and he pushed passed her.


The soldiers marched into her house and began to search each room.  Having looked around the ground floor, they started up the stairs.  Annette sat down beside the range in her kitchen and waited.


Up in the concealed room, Kevin and Bob were listening to the Germans as they stomped about searching each room.  As they sat silently on the floor, they heard the footsteps getting closer.  Kevin held his breath.  He felt sure that they were the other side, and he was waiting for the wall to be opened, revealing their hiding place.


Sweat beaded on Bob’s forehead, he was still in a great deal of pain with his leg, and he stifled a moan.  Kevin gave him an angry look to silence him.


With relief they realised that the footsteps were retreating back downstairs.  A short while later, they heard the vehicles drive away and then, after several long minutes, Annette came up and let them out.


“They’ve gone.”  She told them simply.


They made their way back downstairs, where Annette explained that she sometimes helped the Resistance to hide allied soldiers in her secret room before they were moved on.


“Will the Resistance be able to help us get back to England?” Kevin asked her.


“Yes, as soon as the doctor has seen Bob’s leg, and we know when he can be moved, I will get in touch with my contact in the Resistance.”


Shortly afterwards, there was a knock at the door.  Annette let the doctor in and he proceeded to examine Bob’s leg.  He turned to Annette, and they spoke in French.


When the doctor had explained the situation to her, she turned to Kevin.


“Bob’s leg is indeed broken, and the doctor says that he needs to splint it.”  She explained.  She took Kevin aside.  “The problem is he needs to pull the leg to make sure the bones are lined up, before splinting it.  He is going to need your help.”


“What do I have to do?”


Turning back to the doctor, Annette got their instructions


They lay Bob down flat on the floor.  Kevin had to take a firm grip of Bob holding him under the arms.  The doctor took hold of his foot.  Annette held his hand and looked into his terrified eyes.  She spoke quietly to him trying to reassure him.


Annette looked up at Kevin.  Quietly she said “After three.”


Une, deux, toi.” Said the doctor.


“Arghhh!” Bob screamed out in agony, and mercifully fainted.


The doctor splinted the leg with wood and bound it tightly.  Having given instructions to Annette, the doctor left.


“He says that Bob must not be moved for several weeks,” Annette explained. “To give the bone a chance to heal.”


“Several weeks!” Kevin shouted, “We can’t stay here that long.”


“I am afraid if you tried to leave now you would not get very far.  At least this way it gives us the time to get your identity papers and clothing sorted out ready for your journey.”


Kevin walked over to Bob who was beginning to stir, as he regained consciousness he cried out in agony.


“Did the doctor leave anything for the pain?” Kevin asked.


“There are no pain killers available, I am sorry.”  She reached into a cupboard and brought out a small bottle of whisky.  “I don’t know if this might be any help though?”


Bob grabbed Kevin’s hand; he was obviously in a lot of pain.  Kevin felt a great sympathy for him, as he gently explained the situation to Bob, telling him that they were going to have to stay for a few weeks at least.


Bob was relieved, he knew he was unable to travel anywhere with the amount of pain he was in.  Gratefully he accepted the whisky.  He asked if there was any way to get a message home to his family, to let them know he was alive.


“I am sorry, that will not be possible.  It is too dangerous.  As soon as it is possible, I will arrange for your journey home.  Now Kevin can you help me get Bob upstairs where he will be more comfortable.






Katie lay sleeplessly in her bed.  Looking out at the moon, she wondered where Kevin was.  Could he see this moon too?


Tears slowly rolled down her face.  Just when had she fallen in love with him?  She had thought she had been so indifferent to his charms, but now she realised she had been fooling herself all along.


Where was he?  Was he safe? Alive even?  Her heart was breaking, as she wondered if she would ever see his beautiful face again.

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Chapter Nine

Kevin spent these weeks at the farm helping Annette as much as he could, but he was unable to do any work out in the open for fear of being seen and reported.  So he did lots of repair work around the house and outbuildings.


Annette enjoyed his company very much.  It was good to have a man about the place again.  She told him about her husband who was away fighting; Pierre had been gone many months, unable to return home because of the occupation.


Annette had been trying to keep the farm going as best she could. She had had to get rid of some of the cattle at the beginning, purely because it was too much work for her on her own.  The Germans had also taken some of her stock.


“I am determined that there will be something for Pierre to come home to, at the end of all this.” She told Kevin.


She was equally resolute that this occupation would not go on forever, which was why she had become involved with the Resistance.  Helping to get Airmen like himself back to their Bases as quickly as possible.


“France belongs to the French, the Germans do not belong here,” she told him, “I will do all I can to help defeat this enemy.”


Kevin was amazed at her strength of feeling on the subject; for such a small woman, she showed great bravery.


“Pierre will be proud of you when he comes home, it can’t be easy on your own.”  Kevin told her, and she looked at him with tears in her eyes.


“If he comes home…. I don’t even know where he is anymore.”  As the tears began to run down her face, Kevin took her in his arms.  He couldn’t bear to see this incredible woman in tears.


“He will come home, he will do all he can to keep himself safe, because he knows he has a beautiful wife waiting here for him.”  At his words Annette sobbed into his shoulder.  He was being very kind, but she was not as sure.


“At least my work with the Resistance is something positive I can be doing in the meanwhile. I only hope someone else would do the same for Peirre if he found himself in a similar situation.”


At that moment Bob limped into the room, and Annette stood back from Kevin, and wiped the tears from her face. 


Bob was starting to get about with the aid of a walking stick.  As he was healing and gaining strength, Annette made arrangements for their fake ID papers and civilian clothes, which they would need for their journey. 


Although she knew it was important that they got back as soon as possible, she also knew she would miss their company.  Especially Kevin.  They often talked late into the night, she enjoyed their conversations, and she was going to miss that when he was gone.  In a little over two weeks, she would be alone again.




Nick and Colette were taking Katie on a picnic with them, to cheer her up on her afternoon off work.  Hamish sat in the back of the jeep with her, as they drove off.  His front paws rested on the back of the seat in front, and as they drove along, the wind blew the fur of his beard backwards over his face giving him a comical startled expression.


They stopped at a picturesque lake, and unpacked the picnic.  Katie put a lead on Hamish and took him for a walk.


“Alone at last.”  Nick snuggled up to Colette and pulled her close.  She melted in his arms, as he softly kissed her lips.


“Steady on, Nick, Katie won’t be long.”  She reluctantly pulled away from him.


“Why did we have to bring her with us anyway, we hardly ever get time to ourselves these days.”  Nicks bottom lip stuck out like a spoiled child.  Colette laughed and bit it gently.


“Well you…are just going to…have to…wait until later…” She told him in between tiny butterfly kisses around his mouth.  As she finished speaking he captured her mouth in a bruising kiss.


They pulled away from each other reluctantly, with hunger in their eyes.  As they heard Hamish hurrying back as he smelt the food.


“Later…” Nick whispered.


Hamish came charging into the picnic spread like a bull in a china shop.  Knocking over cups and sending food flying in all directions.  Spotting a sausage as it rolled off a plate, he gobbled it up greedily. As he turned to look for another, there were shrieks of laughter as Colette and Katie made a grab to save any remaining food before Hamish could get his paws on it.


“Is there anything edible left?”  Nick asked anxiously. He was starving, and due to rationing the picnic had not been exactly generous in the first place.


“It’s O.K. He only got one sausage.”  Katie laughed and tied Hamish to the jeep, at a safe distance from the food. For the rest of the picnic he sat there with a woeful expression, saliva dripping from his chin.


“I don’t suppose there has been any news about Kevin or his crew?”  Katie asked Nick, as she sat down on the blanket beside them.


“No news about Kevin’s crew, no.” Nick told her. “But we did have another crew return to base yesterday.  Apparently they parachuted into occupied France and the Resistance got them back to England.”


“Resistance?”  Colette asked.


“An organisation of people who oppose the occupying forces.”  Nick explained.  “They help our boys to get back to England when they land in occupied France, or any other occupied country.  He could be on his way home right now.”


“Really?”  Katie asked hopefully.  “Do you think so?”


“Kevin is a very capable man, I am sure if there is a way back, he will find it.”


“I hope so.”  She replied thoughtfully.




Annette was digging over a patch of earth in her vegetable garden.  She had recently harvested the potatoes and they were safely stored away.  Since food was in such short supply, because of the occupation, it was important to try to grow her own vegetables.


She now needed to double dig the whole area ready for the next crop.


Kevin watched her through the window. Although he was supposed to stay out of sight, he hated to see her work so hard while he stood by, so he went out to her.


“Can I help with that?”


“Umm….” Annette looked around and realised that this part of the garden was relatively sheltered, there were fruit trees on two sides that screened them from the road.


“O.K., I could do with some help.”  She fetched another spade and showed him where to start.


They worked together throughout the morning. As the sun rose higher in the sky, it began to get very hot.  Annette fetched two old straw hats for them to wear to protect their heads from the sun. 


She could feel rivulets of sweat running down her spine.


Her back began to ache and she stood up for a moment to stretch out the muscles.  Glancing over at Kevin, she froze at the sight of him.


He had removed his shirt and he was now naked to the waist.  Annette watched fascinated, she could see his muscles rippling as he worked and his body was glistening with sweat.  She couldn’t take her eyes off of him.


She stood motionless for several long minutes admiring his physique…and she was aware of feelings of arousal that she hadn’t felt in many months, since her husband had gone off to war.  Remembering her husband made her feel guilty at her lustful thoughts, but oh, how this god of a man was turning her on…


Unexpectedly Kevin looked up, as though he could feel her eyes on his body. She wasn’t quick enough to turn away, and she knew that he was aware of her appraisal.  He saw the hunger in her eyes as she blushed and turned away, and he felt an answering hunger within himself.


They continued with their digging, Annette surreptitiously glancing up at Kevin, every so often.  She couldn’t help her self. 


By the time they had finished, they were both soaked with sweat.  Annette’s clothes were stuck to her body.  Kevin walked towards her taking in every curve.  She watched his approach apprehensively; she licked her lips as she waited to see what he was going to do.  He leaned down and took the spade from her hand. 


“I’ll put these away then shall I?”  He said with an errant smile.   Annette took a steadying breath.


“I have some homemade lemonade in the kitchen, I think it is the least you deserve after all your hard work.”


Her face was flushed, as she walked away from him.  He watched the sway of her hips as she walked and he could feel himself grow hard.


Picking up his shirt he followed her into the house.


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Chapter Ten

Katie was digging up potatoes in one of the fields, it was back breaking work and she stopped for a moment to rest.  Looking up she could see all the planes as they were coming and going from the Airbase.


Bending back to her work she heard a terrible sound overhead.  A fighter plane and bomber had crashed and landed in a field about three minutes away.


Dropping her fork, Katie began to run towards the field.  Mr Dixon-Smith was shouting after her not to go, but she kept running and didn’t stop, until she found herself standing by the wreckage.


She could see a body deeply embedded in the ground, dressed in black leather.  She could see his nametags glinting in the sunlight.  Katie tried to read the tags but she couldn’t see for the tears in her eyes.


Just then Colette caught up with her.  She put her arm round her shoulders and led her away from the scene.


“Come on, Katie.  There is nothing you can do here.”  As they walked away, they noticed the lane filling with ambulances and jeeps.


“What if this is what happened to Kevin…” She sobbed against Colette.  “I can’t bare to think I might never see him again.”


Colette tried to reassure her as best she could, but even she was beginning to think along the same lines.  There was no telling if Kevin would ever come back.


But for now she was increasingly worried about Katie.  She didn’t go out except to work.  She just spent her time at home, or walking Hamish up to the perimeter fence of the Airbase.


Colette asked the farmer if it was O.K. to take Katie home.  She was in no fit state to work today.  Reluctantly he agreed, telling Colette to get back as soon as she could.







Annette poured a glass of lemonade and handed it to Kevin.  Their hands momentarily touched as he took the glass from her.  It felt like a shock of electricity passed between them and Annette quickly withdrew her hand.


Filling a jug with water, Annette started towards the stairs.


“If you will excuse me, I need a wash, I’m all sweaty.”  Kevin watched her go upstairs as he drained his glass.


He wanted to follow her, but didn’t know if he should.  He knew they were attracted to each other, but she was married, and he was leaving soon. Of course there was Katie to consider, although he had not made any commitment to Katie. In fact she had been keeping him at arms length.


Pacing up and down in the kitchen, he shifted awkwardly. He was still uncomfortably aroused.  He wanted Annette; he was sure she wanted him too.  He decided he had to take the risk.


The bathroom was merely a small room containing a table with a jug and bowl set on it, and a wooden rack that held towels. 


Annette poured some water into the bowl and began to wash away the sweat and grime from her body. 


Hearing a noise outside, she looked out of the window to see Kevin haul a bucket of water from the well and wash himself.  Pouring the last of the water over his head, she could see droplets of water clinging to his dark hair and dripping down his chest.  He really was an incredible looking man.  Her eyes drank in his body hungrily as he stood in the sunshine.


She turned back to her ablutions, and didn’t notice Kevin walk back into the house.


Annette stood naked, patting herself dry with a soft towel.


Kevin approached the bathroom door, which was slightly ajar, he couldn’t help himself, and he peeked in through the gap.




He caught his breath, as he saw her standing in the sunlight from the window.  Golden blonde curls tumbled down her back towards the gentle curve of her backside.  Her curvaceous legs tapered down to tiny feet. 


As she turned to replace the towel on the rail, her breasts were revealed to him. He gasped and her eyes looked up and met his emerald gaze.  She wasn’t embarrassed anymore, she felt such a longing for him, she stood facing him waiting…





Colette got Katie home and made a pot of tea.


They sat together drinking their tea.


“Are you O.K. now?” Colette asked her friend.


“Yes, I’m sorry.  I think I got myself in a bit of a state.”


“I understand how you feel about Kevin, but I don’t think it is doing you any good moping round the house all the time.  Katie you have got to keep yourself busy.


The Airbase are arranging a children’s party for their Thanksgiving Day, we could do with some help, will you come and give us a hand?”


Katie thought carefully.  Perhaps Colette was right, if she kept busy it might help her to cope.


“Yes I will help. Maybe the children will take my mind off…things.”


“Good, now I must get back to work, before Mr Dixon-Smith sends out a search party.”






Gently Kevin pushed open the door and stepped inside.  He quickly covered the distance between them and took her face in his hands and covered her with kisses.  Annette surrendered to him and Kevin picked her up and carried her to her room.  Laying her on her bed, he quickly removed the remainder of his clothes and lay down beside her.


Kevin took her into his arms and their lips met in a hot, searing kiss.  His lips moved over hers, so gently but insistently.   His tongue gently explored her mouth and hers tentatively answered it as her hands wove themselves into his hair.


Nothing else mattered but this moment, not the war, not Pierre nor Katie.  This was just for now, and for them. 


Annette explored his body with her tiny hands, feeling his hard muscles under her fingers as they travelled over his chest and arms.  She ran her hands down his back.  She was aware that her hands were calloused from the hard work and she wished they were not, but Kevin didn’t seem to notice.


Kevin’s mouth moved to her ear, nibbled gently and moved down to her neck.  She sighed with pleasure as he kissed his way to her nipples, sucking gently.  Her back arched off the bed; at the pleasure he was giving her, as his mouth moved on to the other breast to continue its assault.


She continued her exploration of his body, one hand trailed down over his stomach and curled around his erection, it was long and very hard and she revelled in the velvety feel of him.  She stroked along his length, gentle but firm movements up and down, till he was gasping and he stopped her hand.


He kissed his way from her breasts down to her thighs, where he gently licked along the inside of her thigh encouraging her to open to him.  His long fingers gently parted her lips and his tongue slipped between and began to tease her clitoris.  Gently circling it and then dipping inside her.


His warm tongue was driving her to distraction; she didn’t know how much more she could take. 


He held her open to his gaze as he continued to flick his tongue over her sensitive bud.  Annette was on the very edge; her hips were straining forwards as he swiftly moved above her and plunged himself deep inside her moist and eager body.

Annette moaned aloud as he filled her, he felt incredible. As he slowly moved inside her, she raked her short nails down his back.  He alternated between quick shallow strokes and deeper hard ones.  Annette thought she would pass out from the sheer pleasure he was giving her.  He was slowly building to deeper, faster strokes. 


Annette could feel her orgasm build; it seemed to be tantalisingly out of reach.  She clutched at his buttocks trying to pull him deeper into her.  Kevin could feel himself loosing control; he drove himself into her over and over again. Harder, and faster.  He could feel her walls start to contract around him as her orgasm exploded throughout her body.


“Oh…Kevin…” she cried out  Je viens…”


Then Kevin came too, releasing his seed into her warm and willing depths.  They clung to each other as their orgasms overwhelmed them and their lips met in another searing kiss.


Their bodies were covered in a film of sweat; and they held each other as they came down from their zenith.  Kevin gently kissed her lips, and stroked her hair, as their breathing returned to normal.


He slipped from her body and turned her so that they lay with her back against his chest, with his arms around her waist.  He became aware that tears were falling down her face.


“Annette…did I hurt you?”  He asked, as he tenderly brushed the tears from her face.


“No, Kevin, you didn’t hurt me, you are an amazing lover, I am crying because this will never happen between us again.”


“Why?”  He couldn’t comprehend what she was saying.


“Kevin, what just happened between us was truly wonderful, but you know nothing can come of this.  You will return to England soon, and my husband will return home at the end of the war.  We have to move on with our lives.  But…I will never forget you… Mon amour”


Then they kissed passionately, as tears stung the backs of their eyes.


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